Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Farewell Tribute To Pepper's Pizza With A SLICE TO DIE FOR

Last week, Pepper’s Pizza in Chapel Hill served its last slice.

This makes me sad because for over 25 years - 20 years at 128 E. Franklin St./6 years at 107 E. Franklin St. - Pepper’s was a place I loved to frequent. When I worked at the Varsity Theater in the evenings I often got dinner there, and I had a few friends that worked there over the years.

One of my friends, Dan Tate, who I worked with at Visart Video (also no longer in operation), turned me on to a short film that was filmed at Pepper’s old location in the late ‘90s: A SLICE TO DIE FOR.

The approximately 20 minute film was written, directed, edited, and filmed by Mike Andronica. It stars Lee Waters, Shay Alderman, Mike McFann Jr., Billy Buckley, and Kevin Clark. Chapel Hill folks may recognize some faces in it.

I made a copy of Dan’s VHS tape of the film around a decade ago and it has been collecting dust in a box in my closet until now. I couldn’t find it online anywhere so I decided to dig it up and put it on YouTube. In tribute to the now passed Chapel Hill institution here it is in 3 parts:

Part 3 mostly contains the end credits, but it’s a must to watch because it finishes up the story-line:

I hope you can forgive the crude quality – if somebody has a better copy please let me know. Also if there’s anybody who knows anything about the film or was in it, or whatever, please get in touch. Since I can't find any information about the film, I’d love to hear from you about it.

More later…

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