Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Trailer For The Coen Brothers' New Film INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS Now Online

I don't normally post trailers for upcoming movies, but when it's Film Babble Blog favorites the Coen brothers, I had to make an exception. The trailer, for INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, came to my attention when it was shared on Facebook, from the A.V. Club's Coming Distractions department, by William Fonvielle of the new blog Filmvielle who wrote “The Coen Bros have a new movie. That is what you need to know.” So here it is:

It reminds me of HARRY AND TONTO - another movie where a man carries an orange cat across country. Hey, it won Art Carney an Oscar, so maybe that's a good sign for Oscar Isaac. Here's that trailer too:

INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS is scheduled for release in February.

More later...

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