Thursday, November 08, 2012

Countdown to SKYFALL #4: The Best Bond Car Stunt Ever

The 23rd James Bond movie, Sam Mendes’ SKYFALL, releases tomorrow, so Film Babble Blog has been all about Bond this week with 007-centric posts leading up to my review of the highly anticipated film.

This time out, let's take a look at what I believe is the best car stunt of the series. In THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, Bond (Roger Moore) jumps his car, an AMC Hornet, over a broken bridge and it spins around 360 degrees in mid-air.

The amazing feat was done by stunt driver “Bumps” Willard in one take. It was slowed down with a slide whistle sound effect was added for the final film. You can see the scene below, and there's a sans slide whistle version somebody did, which may be preferable, included:

The stunt was even featured in the cool poster image (by artist Roger McGinnis):

So it goes - a stellar car stunt in a less than stellar Bond movie. Check back here tomorrow for my review of SKYFALL (Spoiler alert: it's stellar).

More later...

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