Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Countdown to SKYFALL #3: Surveying The Series

Just 2 days left until the 23rd James Bond movie, Sam Mendes’ SKYFALL, comes out so let’s continue on the countdown with another 007-centric post.

Starting in the summer of 2010, the Colony Theater in Raleigh, N.C. started showing 35 mm prints of the bulk of the James Bond series, one a month, in chronological order from DR. NO (1962) to DIE ANOTHER DAY (2002). To cap off the canon, last summer they re-screened the first 3 Connery classics to celebrate the series’ 50th anniversary.

I attended just about every screening (I missed one or two of the Pierce Brosnan ones), many of which I’d only seen on TV before, and covered the run for Here are the links to those posts, back from when the Examiner would pay more for local content (those were the days). Please check them out (because, you know, every click I get at that content farm helps):

50th anniversary screening of DR. NO at the Colony Thursday night (4/23/12)

James Bond Is Back! At The Colony Theater That Is (7/28/10)

The Colony Theater Has The Midas Touch With GOLDFINGER Thursday Night (8/24/10)

"James Bond Originals" At The Colony Theater Presents THUNDERBALL This Thursday Night (9/29/10)

James Bond Is Back: YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE This Thursday At The Colony Theater (10/27/10)

The Most Debated James Bond Movie Ever Screens This Thurs At The Colony Theater (12/29/10)

Connery As Bond Is Back: DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER This Thurs At The Colony Theater (1/26/11)

Roger Moore’s 007 Debut This Thursday At The Colony Theater (2/23/11)

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN Takes Aim At 007 This Thursday Night At The Colony (3/29/11)

Roger Moore is THE SPY WHO LOVED ME Thurs Night at the Colony Theater (4/26/11)

The STAR WARS Bond Shows Thursday Night at the Colony Theater (5/25/11)

007 enters the ‘80s at the Colony Theater Thursday (6/28/11)

Roger Moore's 007 meets OCTOPUSSY tonight at the Colony (7/28/11)

Roger Moore's last outing as 007 shows this Thurs night at the Colony Theater (8/24/11)

Timothy Dalton takes over as 007 tonight at the Colony (9/29/11)

007 gets his LICENSE TO KILL revoked Thursday night at the Colony (10/26/11)

Pierce Brosnan takes over as 007 tonight at the Colony (12/29/11)

Pierce Brosnan’s 4th and final film as 007 screens tonight at the Colony (3/28/12)

More later...

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