Saturday, March 13, 2004

10 DVD Special Features Pet Peeves

Today, we take a look at DVD technology with:


Don't you just hate:

1. DVD's that don't let you skip trailers for other movies to get to the menu

2. Films that have their special features on a second one sided disc. There's no reason not to use both sides of one disc! Do we really need double disc editions of movies like DUPLEX or EIGHT CRAZY NIGHTS? I don't think so.

3. DVDs that are so packed with extras - documentaries, deleted scenes, interviews, etc. But for some reason don't include the original theatrical trailer.

4. DVDs that only include the original theatrical trailer as a "special feature."

5. Does anyone care whether a DVD has a "collectible booklet" or not? Ever hear anyone ever say anything along the lines of "man, the special edition of GOLDFINGER has an awesome booklet inside?" I didn't think so.

6. Chapter Selection listed as a "special feature."

7. Photo galleries and written bio/filmographies. Uh - we have the internet thank you.

8. DVDs that have special features listed in their menus but when you go there it says "for special features insert disc 2." I mean come on!

9. That off setting pause while a layer switches during play. Some discs its less notable than others, but dammit it foreshadows another better format on the horizon I feel.

10. When directors talk about material in the commentaries that should be included on the DVD but isn't. 

For Example, AIRPLANE! had a lot of outtakes re-inserted in it's network TV debut but it is stupidly absent from the DVD, ROGER AND ME showed on PBS with a half hour sequel of sorts - a short called Pets Or Meat in which Michael Moore follows up on what happened to the people presented in the movie. It feels like a criminal act not to include it on the DVD.

One final mention - the original Simpsons shorts from The Tracy Ullman Show. Why weren't they part of the 1st season Simpsons DVD set? Why?!!? 

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