Friday, March 10, 2023

Hey Kids! Not So Fun Time 2022 Oscar® Predictions!

Jimmy Kimmel hosts the Oscars for the third time. Woo Hoo.

ehold, my most half -assed Oscar Predictions post in the history of Film Babble Blog (and that’s going on nearly 20 years). I’ve been busy with a new book, and other life shit, and have felt disconnected from the world of movies lately despite having seen a large bunch of the nominated films. Not caring about the Academy Awards, now in their 95th year, has been a thing for quite a few years, so my indifference this year seems to fall in line with the overall public sentiment: who cares?

But in the tradition of consistency, I’m still gonna post my picks. What does it matter what I, or anyone, gets right or wrong?

1. BEST PICTURE: Yes, everyone everywhere is saying that EVERYONE EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE will win the big one so I am too. Does indeed seem to be a lock.

2. BEST DIRECTOR: Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert for EEAAO.

3. BEST ACTOR: Austin Butler – yeah, Elvis has just got to get it. Brendan Fraser I can see too, but yeah, Elvis.

4. BEST ACTRESS: It’s either Michelle Yeoh for EEAAO or Cate Blanchett for TÁR. I, like just about everybody else, is going with Yeoh.

5. BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Ke Huy Quan – yes, let’s just say it’s gonna be a EEAAO sweep.


Normally, I would predict all 23 categories, but I really don’t have it in me this time around so I’ll just go with those. 

Now, I usually say “Please check back here Monday to see how many I got wrong” but I don’t even care about that right now. I gots other fish to fry and them there Academy Awards really aren’t in my focus this season. I don’t think many other people care about them either – unless somebody gets punched in the face that is. I’m sure, if nothing else, there will be some joke, or reference or something notable about that now historical instance at this year’s event, and we’ll talk about that for a day and that’ll be that.

More later...

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