Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Actors You Recognize, But Don’t Know Their Names

Another actor in this series that is sadly no longer with us, J.T. Walsh had a great yet oddly unsung run from the early ‘80s up to his death in 1998 usually playing heavies or assholes or both. His debut in EDDIE MACON’S RUN was followed by small but significant parts in POWER, TIN MEN, and HOUSE OF GAMES, but it was his larger role as Robin Williams’ adversary in GOOD MORNING VIETNAM that really gave his career a boost.

After that, Walsh became ubiquitous appearing in such major motion pictures as TEQUILA SUNRISE, BACKDRAFT, A FEW GOOD MEN, HOFFA, NIXON, SLING BLADE, and literally dozens of others. The year he passed (1998), he appeared in PLEASANTVILLE, THE NEGOTIATOR, and completed work on HIDDEN AGENDA, which was released posthumously in 1999.

Oddly, his TV-work is only appearances on three shows – L.A. Law, The X Files, and Dark Skies, and one TV movie, GANG IN BLUE (1996).

Sigh, I miss this dead-eyed bully of a guy.

More later...

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