Sunday, January 04, 2015

DVR Alert: Roger Ebert Documentary LIFE ITSELF Airs On CNN Tonight

Film fans, and in particular fans of film criticism, should take note that Steve James' excellent 2014 documentary LIFE ITSELF airs tonight on CNN.

The documentary, one of my favorite films of the last year, takes a loving look at the life of movie critic legend Roger Ebert, who passed in 2013 after a 10-year battle with thyroid cancer.

Read my review of the insightful, funny, and profoundly touching biodoc from when it ran theatrically in my neck of the woods (at the Colony Theater in Raleigh last summer):

Also check out writer/critic extraordinaire Matt Zoller Seitz, who among many credits is editor-in-chief at, discussing the documentary on a segment that aired yesterday on CNN.

Finally, if you're somehow not convinced to watch the film about the incredibly influential writer and personality yet, here's the trailer:

Airing as an installment in the CNN Presents series, LIFE ITSELF airs this evening at 9 pm.

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