Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Bill Murray Coloring Book? Yep, That's Right

Get this - a new Vancouver, Canada-based publisher, which is also a record label, named Belly Kids is releasing a Bill Murray coloring book in August called “Thrill Murray.”

From their press release: “Be it in ‘Groundhog Day,’ ‘Ghostbusters,’ ‘Rushmore’ or ‘Lost in Translation’ Bill Murray has become a diamond of the modern screen, the heartbeat of any worthwhile DVD collection.”

Can't argue with that. So, why not honor the icon with a colouring-in book (as the Canadians call it)?

The images they've released, selected from the over 20 different artists who contributed, are funny and well detailed, even if Murray looks skinny in films he was chubby in, and fat in the films he was fit in (i.e. “Lost in Translation”).

“Thrill Murray,” which is credited to author Mike Coley, will be available on August 13th. You can pre-order it here. Also available will be prints of a few of the images, and a tote bag.

So, stock up on crayons so you can fill in all the Bill you can.

More later...

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