Friday, September 25, 2009

Soundtrack September Selection #6: FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE

Ernest Dollar, director of the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill, gives us Soundtrack September selection #6: FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE (1993) "The soundtrack to FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE is a shock to Western ears but so evocative as it brings to life Eastern culture. The screetchy and whiny sounds of Chinese opera grow with each listening and act as a porthole into China's colorful past. Just as these operatic pieces have you daydreaming about the Great Wall, the modern Chinese love ballads on the soundtrack with push you off the parapet. Ever wondered what a Beijing Bryan Adams would sound like? Released in 1993, FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE became one of the top 100 movies, opening the door for other successful movies and introducing many new audiences to the peculiar and hauntingly beautiful sounds of Chinese opera." More later...

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