Monday, August 18, 2014

Win The Tony Jaa/ONG BAK Trilogy On Blu Ray!

I've got a copy of the Blu ray box set of the newly released ONG BAK Trilogy, starring actor/writer/director/martial arts master Tony Jaa, to give away this week.

I'm looking for a reader who's a fan of the films, who can write up 100-300 words on why these movies are awesome. You can write more than that if you'd like, but it's got to be at least 100.

The winning entry will receive the 3 Blu ray box containing: Panna Rittikrai's ONG BAK: THE THAI WARRIOR (2003), and its two prequels, which were co-directed by Rittikrai and Jaa, ONG BAK 2: THE BEGINNING (2008), and ONG BAK 3: THE FINAL BATTLE (2010).

So if you or somebody you know are into these movies and want to win a box of them on Blu ray with the power of your words, get cracking!

Send your short (or long) essays to:

Deadline for entries is August 29th.

More later...

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Christopher Maynard said...

I've only seen the first ONG BAK and I really liked it but the two sequels never really spiked my interest. Are they worth the blind buy?