Thursday, December 13, 2012

Announcing Film Babble Blog's Sister Site: Pop Goes The Babble

I’m proud to announce my new blog:

I’m overflowing with pop culture material that’s not about movies, so it seemed like it should get its own site. My reviews and features about television shows, and rock ‘n roll will now be the realm of Pop Goes The Babble, which will be a more indulgent blog mainly about whatever I’m into at the moment.

So far there are only 2 posts:

Pop Goes The Babble’s Favorite Album of 2012: Bob Dylan’s Tempest (12/12/12) An essay that I wrote back when the album came out, but never posted gets its proper home here.

An excerpt: “Dylan’s previous album, 2009’s Together Through Life, had its off-the-cuff, live-in-the-studio charms, but Tempest is a vast improvement in arrangement, production, and songwriting, with lyrics that are as sharp as the singing is raggedy.” 

Babblin’ about the rocking but exhausting 12.12.12 Concert:

My re-cap of last night’s mammoth rock star-packed concert at Madison Square Garden to raise money for the Robin Hood Relief Fund benefiting victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Hope you check out the site and give me feedback as it goes. Thanks for your support!

More later…

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