Thursday, April 19, 2012

Obligatory Road-Trip Vegas Scene #3: BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD DO AMERICA

We’re down to #3 in my 5-part series focusing on those scenes in cross-country road-trip movies in which Las Vegas makes a brief cameo appearance.

So here’s Obligatory Road Trip Scene #3: BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD DO AMERICA (Dir. Mike Judge, Mike de Seve, Yvette Kaplan, & Brian Mulroney, 1996)

It’s not a very significant scene (is any scene significant in this movie?), but it’s one that stands out to me because of how Vegas is depicted. The exterior shots of the Nevada gambling mecca resemble the backgrounds that Bill Meléndez created for the Peanuts movies in the early ‘70s.

According to IMDb: “All of the hotel/casinos shown in the Las Vegas scenes actually exist. In contrast, Mike Judge’s ‘more serious’ show, King of the Hill, used fake hotel/casinos during a visit to Vegas.”

In the scene, which I think is supposed to take place at the Luxor Hotel Casino we see folks rolling dice, and playing the slot machines (of course, Beavis mishears slots as ‘sluts’), while a band is playing “Love Rollercoaster.” Beavis & Butthead though, are preoccupied with this:

Before long the iconic immature duo are escorted out of the establishment by security guards, but not before busting some moves on the dance floor. Surprisingly B & B and their only feature film to date does little to exploit the city of sin. Decent little detour though.

Check back for Obligatory Road Trip Vegas Scene #2.

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Anonymous said...

Cleopatra's Barge is inside Caesar's Palace. Not the Luxor.